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Skype and Yahoo Messenger don't work properly.

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When I open Skype and Yahoo Messenger in the same time, my computer seems to have problems working. I can't use both programs in the same time. Is it possible for Yahoo Messenger to interfere whit Skype? What can I do?

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Never used both at same time but, probably, those problems may be caused by the ports those applications are using. You can easily change the ports at skype, at Tool > Options menu. Once you get there, check at the advanced tab, connection subtab for the port used for incoming connections (probably the first field), change it for some other value (i'm using 25567). Hope i could help, best wishes!

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Yes, it is possible for Yahoo Messenger to interfere with Skype. In order to fix the problems, I recommend you update both Yahoo Messenger and Skype programs to the latest versions. Also, type Windows Firewall with advanced settings in the Search programs and files field from the Start menu and open the utility. After that, select Inbound Rules and click New Rule. Check the Port box, click Next, select All local Ports and follow the self-explained steps. If the issues persist, press Alt + Ctrl + Delete key combination, open Device Manager, and close all unnecessary applications that may use your Internet bandwidth.

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