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I need help with publishing.

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I have been attempting to create our own website, using, and have managed to get it all done, and I'm quite proud of it, but I'm having big problems being able to publish it.

It's the whole thing I'm stuck on really. If i give some options can anyone help me with what I should be putting in the correct fields??

Firstly, the Server/host name: would that be my Internet provider? I am with Virgin media? Secondly, the remote (server) directory?

I may sound silly, but I have tried so many things here now and it doesn't work. I keep getting the same message coming up saying that it has been unable to connect to my webspace account, and to check my settings and network connection.

Sorry to go on but I'm determined to get this done, but I'm now at a standstill with it and would appreciate and be grateful of any help.

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The hostname and the remote directory don't have anything to do with your Internet provider.

  • The server/hostname is the place where you upload the files. For example, if you have domain, then the hostname/server address should be, in case the FTP servers is tied to that add address.

  • Remote (server) directory is the place where you upload the files into. For example if you want the website to be accessed using, then you will have to put in the server directory either /websitenew/ or

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