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Using the budget module of Microsoft Money Plus.

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In using the budget module of Microsoft Money Plus, I want to budget amounts for various accounts, but I'm wondering what happens at the end of the month if you haven't spent the whole amount. Does that amount go to the next month? That's what I want to happen, since I want to use the budget for things like gas (heat) which are smaller during the summer and larger during the winter. I would not spend the whole amount during summer months, but I would like the amount to build up so during the winter I have more to spend. Will the budget carry leftover money to the next month?

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Yes, the leftover money will automatically be transferred to the next month. For further information, I recommend you check the user guide that you can find in the Help menu:

enter image description here

If you still need assistance, I recommend you contact the developers using the Contact Us page.

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