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What program(s) produce a file extension .btab - a guitar tablature program - and how can I convert btad to another format?

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I want to convert guitar tablature that I was given with the extension .btab to a format that Guitar Pro will recognize. So I guess I need to find a program that uses btad and see what it will convert to. Guitar Pro will import *.mid, *.txt, *.xml, *.ptb and *.tef.

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These may pretty well be written by hand: .btab files are technically the same as .tab files, but written for the bass guitar (hence, containing only the last 4 strings). You may simply rename the .btab file into .tab or .txt and import it into Guitar Pro through invoking File -> Import -> ASCII Tab.

In case GTP should mess up the string order, try opening the .btab files in Notepad and adding two more empty strings above the existing four.

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Wow.. I did not knew this.. :)

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