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Comparing TuxGuitar to Guitar Pro

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I'm now using a Mac instead of a PC and so I can't use my Guitar Pro any more. Does TuxGuitar work like GP in using a RSE to play the tracks? I can't seem to find out anywhere and I want to know before I download it please?
Thank you!

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Nope, TuxGuitar doesn't use RSE (it's a proprietary technology, so I doubt any other program besides GP uses it at all). Written in JAVA, TuxGuitar relies on .gm soundbanks, which... don't sound all that good.

Being a performance-based soundbank at its heart, RSE is hardly the only pebble on the beach, however. You may try looking up a VST-capable tablature editor and running a performance-based VST guitar instrument for sound output.

If you don't mind my asking, though, why is it that you can't use Guitar Pro on a Mac? Not only they do provide a Mac version, you're actually supposed to have got it along with the Windows one, in one bunch. Try asking GP support if you're having trouble finding the download link.

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Thank you!
The reason I can't use it on my Mac is that it was loaded on to my pc by a student lodger of mine a few years ago and sadly he is no longer around!!  I've been running Parallels on the Mac so I can use a couple of other pc programmes but the Guitar Pro has been playing up and I don't have the disc to reload it.
I'm just looking at the cheapest option for me!
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Yes it can, you need to download and install TiMidity sounbank. Then you need to go in the tools menu of TuxGuitar and then go to plugins to select the plugin. Then go to settings and then sound and you should see TiMidity from the drop down menu, then select that instead of Gervil. Then you have to select the right port of your sound card. You have about three ports to select, and you have to play TuxGuitar each time until you hear sound. It will ask you to restart TuxGuitar. It sounds awsome, just as good as GuitarPro. You can't beat it, especially when GuitarPro can't run on a 64bit linux operating system. It does however run a 32bit linux. GuitarPro is a little outdated now. They should of recompiled it for todays computers that are now all 64bit systems. All the instruments sound almost real, just as good as GuitarPro or better.

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