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I have no audio on Yahoo! Messenger.

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I installed Yahoo Messenger in my system. I'm getting video, but no audio. The Sound, video and game controllers list is not appearing in Device Manager. I have a Lightwave LW-UTVFM device. What can I do?

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Hi, This is Rilvan,

I hope you may be found out the issue.
If you not then you have to connect your LW-UTVFM audio out with your PC or Laptop Microphone jack, thats all you will get a sound, to get a clear sound you should adjust the volume properly in the PC.

I hope above information will help you.

Have a nice day.

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In order to fix the issue, press Windows + Pause/Break key combination, open Device Manager and click Scan for hardware changes icon. After that, navigate to the official web page and download and install the latest Lightwave LW-UTVFM driver. If the problem persists, use 00 1 800-318-0612 phone number to get in touch with Yahoo support team.

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