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I am having a problem with EZ Vinyl Converter Version 3.2.

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I am having a problem with feedback. I have downloaded the software for my "EZ Vinyl Converter Version 3.2" to my Windows Vista operating system twice now. When I first get the download completed the converter works wonderfully, but the next day, I get this feedback problem. To give you a better idea of what it is doing, I have to tell you that I also recently downloaded a new webcam/microphone from "Gigaware". It is a 1.3 megapixel PC camera with microphone. Its software also includes "Arcsoft VideoImpression 2". Now, to continue, I will tranfer my vinyl to the iTunes after recording the first album. When I restart the system on the following day, I get this feedback, and if I talk while the feedback is occurring, I can hear my voice through the speakers. This begins to occur as soon as I click on "next" to begin recording the next album. I can turn down the volume on the speakers and the feedback lowers, but the biggest problem is that the vinyl that I am trying to transfer will not record at all. I have removed the camera software and the EZ Vinyl software and reloaded them both, and the same thing occurs each time. It works fine for a day and then the problem comes back.

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The cause to your problems is the default sound hardware configured in the Sound Options panel. To overcome this issue, go to System Tray and locate the sound icon. Right click it and select Playback then Recording or Recording Devices. Most likely, the devices have been changed because of the installation of the PC camera. If you select them as they need to be and start the recording process, you will see that everything should be OK.

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