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My OCR-Tracing program has a bug.

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I need to get a new copy or fix my Corel (IMSI) OCR-TRACE software program to work. It has a missing or corrupt file. It says this file is missing: "CTOCRC32.DLL". The program was originally sold by Corel (IMSI) as Corel OCR-Trace, which came on a CD that had an early Corel CAD program on it. You can take a bitmap and trace it, vectorize it, or use the OCR recognition for text. Can anyone help me get a copy or the file I need? Or a new copy of the program?

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You can either install the application again, or download the file from Google. If you have a 32bit environment, you need to place the file in \Windows\System32 and if you have a 64bit environment, you need to place the file in \Windows\SysWOW64. Another solution is to copy the file into the installation directory.

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Starting from CorelDraw 8, the OCR-Trace function is removed. There is no possibility to use it anymore. However, it's possible to fix your application by downloading the file. Use the following Google search query and access DLLDown website. Download, unpack the archive and copy the files (as Alex suggested) into \Windows\System32 & \Windows\SysWOW64.

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