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Creating a website in Yahoo Sitebuilder.

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This web site is for my art. The home page has links to different galleries, such as Seascapes. Once you go to that page there are thumbnail images of each oil painting in that category. You can then double-click on each thumbnail to open up another page that has a larger image of the oil painting, plus information about size and pricing. However, I have approximately 100 paintings total, so if I set each one up this way there will be a whole lot of pages and links in the web site. Does it make sense to do it that way, or is there a better way? I didn't want to create the whole thing and then find out later I should have done it differently!

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It doesn't make sense to create 100 pages with the large files, instead use a HTML gallery that takes all the pictures from a folder on the storage path and displays them automatically with the help of a few Javascripts, since Yahoo Sitebuilder doesn't allow PHP. There are many gallery creators available as scripts or software applications on desktop computers that can generate whole galleries. Use the websites found through Google Search to generate your galleries, then upload the results and that's it.

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