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I have trouble with my MP3 player.

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I bought MP3 Phillips GoGear SA 2320 in Czech 2 months ago. When I brought it to Vietnam and upgraded the firmware to 4.10 version, my MP3 encountered some problems:

  • the device automatically turns off when I play.
  • It can't recognize some MP3 file
  • When I press next or volume up two or three times

Now I can't use my MP3 to play music, when I open an audio file, it's playing very fast and shuts down when the first song finishes.

I can't use record option. When it's used, the MP3 stops working. I can't shut it down with the button, I must take off battery.

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You might need to contact Philips support service because there is no official way to downgrade the firmware on your device. If you attempt to perform such operation, you might end up with a bricked, nonrestorable device.

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