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Where to find this program?

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I have a PI System2 dash board on my race car.
I work with Club Expert Windows to treat the data logged by my dash, but I'd like to post-treat the data (in excel for example) and Club expert isn't able to export the data to an exchange format like ".csv".
I know that PI Toolbox is able to make such an export, but I can't find it anywhere...
Could it be possible that one of the 2 users of PI Toolbox registered on Software Informer send me this program?
Thanks in advance


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What version of the program are you using? I just checked and the export option under the file menu and it exports it to excel. You could export to excel and then export from excel in csv format to import into an other application like mathcad or access. Toolbox lite is available for 795. To enable all the features on toolbox such as the video and displaying multiple worksheets and video will require a hardware key and it only works with that registered copy. Toolbox may not solve your issue as it can not directly read club windows files. You will need a file converter also available from Pi Research, as to use the files in toolbox you must download them in the proper format. The normal setting is just the format of the analysis program your using.


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