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Recovery of a lost file.

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I have some files hidden in a vault of my Android and the screen of the phone was broken. How can I recover those files from vault with a broken screen?

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First install the drivers for the phone then connect the phone to computer through USB. If you have Android higher than 2.3 then the phone will appear in My Computer. Open My Computer and press ALT to enable the menu then navigate to Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files, folder and drives. Go back to computer and then you can browse the phone's content, including your hidden vault.

Note that if the vault was protected and files were encrypted, then there is not way to recover them.

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Have you tried Android Data Recovery? I think it is suitable to deal with this case. Go ahead to have a try. Follow the guide of how to recover deleted files on android. Good luck! For more references, you should take good care of your phone.

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I suggest you to do nothing but try to download third-party data recovery software to recover your files.

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I'm glad to help you!
In fact, your problem is easy to solve, you just need Android lock removal. This software has two main functions, one is to unlock the screen, and the two is to restore data. It is very practical and popular with consumers.

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