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How do I disable MIDI functionality Windows 7?

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How do I disable MIDI functionality in Windows 7? I am playing a game that is using MIDI and the sound is replaced. I need MIDI features disabled. Can you help me?

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Usually, you can disable MIDI from the application that is installed with your soundcard but in case it's not working this way, please go to Start > Control Panel and use the search field to look to for Device Manager. Expand Sound and audio devices and disable MIDI from that location or use Properties on the audio device then choose Properties and disable MIDI from the Properties tab.

Another solution is to use the setup program for your application/game to disable MIDI input/output and use other audio methods available.

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Games that use MIDI have a separate setup application that is used to configure various aspects of sound and video. Please look into the installation folder for the setup application which configures these settings and instead of the software or hardware emulation, choose MIDI.

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