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Simkit installed without knowledge.

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You guys told me that I can get it removed. Great. Will you please explain to me how I do that. Please realize that I have no knowledge of installing, downloading, programming anything. If you could be so kind and explain it to me so I don't mess up my phone.

I also have one more concern. Every time I go over to these three people houses my Internet service goes out completely. When I leave it, chimes back on. What is really going on? How do I prevent it from happening again?

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Well, from what you are saying it seems that the simkit application is automatically enabled once the SIM card is inserted into the phone. That application does not represent any threat at all. It allows you to access certain functions from you mobile operator such as costs, information, weather, etc.

On the 2nd problem, it seems that you are using a WiFi connection and since you move away from the range of your connected networks, the phone disconnects then when you come back in range the phone connects to the networks. This is normal since you cannot broadcast your network to a very wide area.

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