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I have entered too many pattern attempts when the phone was locked. Unfortunately I have forgotten my Google account and PIN.

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My phone model is Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082.

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Since you didn't mention the root status of the phone, you need to perform a factory reset of the phone.Here's how it's done:

Turn off the phone. Press Volume Up and Home buttons and, while keeping them pressed, press the Power button until the Samsung logo appears and blinks twice. Release the power button keeping the other two pressed until a list with options appears. Select "Wipe data/Factory Reset" using volume buttons and confirm with the Power button. After this procedure the phone will reboot and everything will come back to default condition.

asked Jan 9, 2014
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I need to factory reset my Intex Cloud X1.
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Thank u for helping me open my lock pattern
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I have entered too many pattern attempts of INTEX AQUA ACTIVE and forgot my google account that i have entered in my mobile phone, please help me to overcome.

asked Feb 28, 2014
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How can I unlock my Intex Aqua Active device?
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please i need your help please please i forgot my ovi account i am using hisense phone please help me

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