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Pop-ups keep appearing on my computer.

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When I use my computer, pop-ups appear out of nowhere telling me to download applications. I haven't installed anything. What could it be? Is this a malware infection?

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Yes, this is definitely a malware infection.

First of all, Don't click on any pop-up and Do not open any email from anyone.

Secondly, install an Anti-Virus [avast! recommended] and Scan your whole PC system.

Some times strong malwares create problems in the process of installing an anti-virus [that's why we recommend Avast!]. If you have any problem like this try Malware-bytes anti-malware.

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if you are getting these popups quite reglarly it could be a sign of malware
first download one of those popup blockers secondly use a antivirus to cheak your system for any types of viruses if the ploplen still ocours than you may need to do some deeper research into it if you wanna see how to remove/block thses popups that look on youtube as it is the safest thing to do

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If you encounter such issues you might need to take precaution as soon as possible. This seems to be the case of a malware infection. Download GMER and choose random executable when downloading from the official website. This way the malware won't kill the .exe file. Perform a scan and delete everything that is marked with red color.

Then download ComboFix to remove traces of the malware infection that spread through files and registry keys. Don't use the computer while the tool is running and wait for a report. The computer will restart at some point, which is normal, and when the reboot is complete, a LOG file will be generated that contains all the operations from the scanning procedure.

At this point, all pop-ups will be removed and infected processes deleted.

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try Windows Malicious software removal tool

Microsoft have learned to help their customers not just rip them off

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It may be the "Adware Browse2Save/Browse To Save" try to remove it from the list of programs and browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox or whatever you have installed(It may appear as "unknown"). Also try to clean your computer with Elistara in safe mode.

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It can be confirm that your computer is accidentally attacked by a certain malicious program or adware. You had better not click on those ads. Besides, do pay much attention during online activities. Do not open any unknown e-mail attachments, do not visit ************ web pages and do not download freeware from unverified pages.

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The pop-up ads would come from a certain malware. It is suggested that you run antivirus program to scan your PC.

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Try scan your computer with antivirus program. If there is something malicious has infected you security tool, you can use a free online scan as kespersky online scan or something like that.

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