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Is it possible to convert a DWG file to CSV?

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I need help to convert my Autocad drawing to the CSV format. After that I need to upload that CSV drawing to 3D Warehouse software.

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The problem is that a CSV file is just a plain-text format which contains only text and you are trying to convert a graphical CAD file to text format. There is no converter available for this type of job because there aren't any converters at all that can perform this job.

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I'm not sure what your AutoCAD Drawing is of, if it's just points, or verticies that you need to export, do a "dataextraction" command, then export the xyz values to excel, then save it as a CSV. I do this all of the time for surveying applications.


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Thanks for the idea of "dataextraction" command, it is a pitty that i do not have AutoCAD and the software i use (TrueView 2015) does not allow to type commands, at least i can not enter them on lower pane.

My problem is that i need to Export data from a DWG to plain text, data of only a Layer, that layer has all the elements (Lines and Circles) setted as a route/path.

I need: Length and Radious, and of course mantain the correct secuence, each element is contiguous to the next.

I mean: After a line, at its end there is the next element (can be a line or an arc), after that, another, and another after that one, ... all to make a path.

I need that path in plain text, one element per line, two columns (Lenght,Radious) of such elements, first row = first element, next row = next element of the path.

Any idea how to?

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