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Where did my photos go from Metro PCS CoolPad Phone?

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I hooked up my Metro PCS CoolPad Phone to my home computer so I can transfer my photos to my computer. However, while photos were in the process of transferring I was not able to select what file I wanted to be transferred. Also, the photos automatically deleted from my phone in the process. I can't find more than 400 photos. Where did they all go?

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Please connect the phone to the computer and find the DCIM folder on the external/internal storage unless you used a transferring application that was set up to delete the files after copying. If the process succeeded then you can copy back the files to your phone.

If the pictures were stored on the external device (microSD card) then you can use R-studio to recover your photos. R-studio is an application which is used for files and folder recovery.

Download and install the application in trial mode, connect the card to the computer through a card reader then select the partition of the card and use SCAN to search for your files. You can also define a scanning pattern so that the application will scan only for image files.

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What about for the Coolpad? I'm trying to download a specific app on my phone that is no longer in the play store and I'm able to get it to my sd card just not on the phone itself. I have no idea what's going on, where did the file go and where can I still operate the app once I find it?

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There is good recovery tool for android named Samsung Recovery .It not only allows you to get back your lost photos but other files like contacts , messages,music,videos .Follow the method below:
Recover deleted pictures android

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