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Need help with my serial number recovery.

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How can I recover my serial number? I bought my software in 2012 and I have never used it. I tried to install it today but I realized I lost the original box which came with the serial number. Please help me to recover it.

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lakh the lanot.................. dor fitay mui

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You can contact the developers of the application and send a request for another serial number based on your purchase details. If they allow it, the old serial number will be blacklisted and a new one will be issued to you. But sometimes unfortunately you may need to buy the product once again.

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The last purchase of RH ver 5.x came with this serial #, viz HLRCHL-6MNN4AHA-H3CHA6MR-4T4393T7-LC664LF2-K664CK9K-9A73NT99-3CL644KL-RA26MC4L-2M3H7K2K-MRH4CH-KFMVR. The app says it is incorrect. Please assist.Thanks

Anthony Warren

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