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How to create a bootable disc with an ISO file?

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I have an ISO file for Windows 8 and would like to create a bootable DVD. What should I do? What kind of software can do this?

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As you mentioned, what you need is burn the win8 iso to your dvd. Just use the free software Imgburn.
Speaking of the bootable ISO, not all the win8 iso file is bootable, I have to say that I've just meet this problem 4 month ago. I did lots of research, WinISO can make a bootable iso file by adding the boot info.
More info: Make Bootable ISO with WinISO

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First you will need to download the ISO from Microsoft Developer area then use ImgBURN to burn your image to a DVD. This application is free and can be used accordingly. Download and install the application then use Write image file to disc. Select the image, speed, DVD burner the click burn and that's it. Your DVD will boot when you insert it into a DVD-Rom.

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