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How to convert an .nrg file into .iso using Power ISO?

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I am trying to convert an .nrg file into an .iso file using Power ISO, but it shows me a message saying that both files are similar, and there's no need to convert. What do I do and how do I convert the file?

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If you are having problems converting the .NRG image into an .ISO file, you may, first, attempt to go around the conversion process. You should try to open the .NRG file as an archive, with WinRAR, and then transfer its contents into your desired .ISO image.

Another way you might proceed is to try using some other convenient applications designed for this very purpose. WinISO offers a comprehensive, professional solution in this sense, but the program is expensive, and it includes several functions that extend beyond your immediate purpose. You may find some more information on this program at the following URL:

On the other hand, another widely used application that might come to your aid is nrg2iso The program is available for free, and it was created specifically for this sole purpose, so you need not worry about unnecessary functional complications.

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Maybe you can try WinISO
It supports converting NRG to ISO with several clicks.
Just have a try. Or get more information on this page:

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Procedure to Make .nrg image file to Bootable Windows XP CD

Required Software

Download Nero-
Serial key : Serial no : 1C82-0000-19E5-MAAX-4001-6184-6083

1.) Open Nero StartSmart

2.) Click on Make Data CD

3.) Go to Image,Project,Copy

4.) Click on the task "Disk Image or Saved Project." It opens the file browse window.

5.) Find an image file, typically with the extension windowsxp.nrg file

Make this below setting after 5th step to make it Bootable windows xp CD

Current recorder : G:HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA - H10N
Disc type : CD
Image file : windowsxpimage.nrg

6.)Place a recordable blank CD or DVD into the optical drive on your computer
and Click "Burn" in the Nero window to start the burning process.

That's it Enjoy.

with regards
A.G Raghavendra
(Cabana Dude)

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