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How to convert JPG to CDR?

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How can I convert JPG to CDR?

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The problem is that CDR is a Corel Draw vector file format and JPG is a raster file. You will need to completely redraw the image if you want it in CDR format with editable elements. You can use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape as alternative. You will need to use the Pen tool to completely re-draw the image then you can save it in CDR format.

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You can use tise converter from site

STEP 1: Select file to convert

Click on "Browse" button and select image file from your PC that you want to convert. The supported file types are .eps, .psd, .dds, .plt, .hpgl, .hgl, .pcx, .tga, .ai, .cr2, .nef, .crw, .raf.

STEP 2: Select format to convert to

Select extension that you want to convert to and click "Convert" button. Wait until converting is finished to preview, resize or save converted image.

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You need to use Adobe Illustrator, you can download it as 30-days trial from Adobe official site.

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