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How to fix problems regarding display driver in Windows 7?

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I've been getting errors lately that my display driver has stopped working and recovered. It appears right after my monitor stops working for a while and starts a few moments later.

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If you receive errors related to a driver, then you need to update the driver to a newer version. Make sure that when you do this, you uninstall the previous one first. It is possible that the registry entries are corrupted. If you keep receiving this error even after you have to re-installed a new driver, then you might take in consideration that you have a faulty graphics card.

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This error might be cuased by the bad display driver. Download and install the correct driver could solve this problem. It is suggested you use a third party tool like Driver Talent to get help. It could identify the faulty drivers, and it is able to fix then with one clicks. This is my experience. Hope it is helpful to you.

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