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I need help with my SD card

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I have a SD card by EMTEC and when I put it in my computer, it does not show anything. I go to "My computer" and there's not any sign of my SD card. And I can't format my SD memory because nothing is accessible.

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At first, you will need to install the drivers for your card reader, then you will be able to read the card you have plugged in. You can find these drivers on the support CD that arrived with your computer or download them manually. In most cases, you don't need this drivers because it installs as a Universal Mass Storage.

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I got your problem, just chill! You can recover your data from your SD Card with the help of recovery tools. I introduce you a very useful one ---- Data Recovery. You can easily restrieve data from SD Card. To find more details about the software please go through this link: You can even evaluate the software by using trial version of the software.

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Thank you for your useful answers. They really have helped me a lot. In fact, last weekend, I also got some SD card problems and cannot access the inner files.
Fortunately, after reading many related threads and articles, I had restored my needed files back with data recovery software.
Moreover, I also found a video tutorial that talks about hoe recover data in details:
Thank you very much!

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At first, you need to check this SD card on another computer to see whether it is still healthy.
If it can be read normally there, it could be the problem of your computer and back up all card data well. Just find solutions to fix the computer problems.
But, if it can be read there, but also gets some error message and card data is still inaccessible, download data recovery software to see whether your wanted data could be retrieved successfully. There are many similar card data recovery programs can help you deeply scan this card and find your data back, like Recuva, 4Card Recovery, PhotoRec and more.
But, if the card also cannot be read there, you must get some serious card problems. Just ask some professional persons for help, when the card data is really important for you.
Note: In the future, you should never forget to back up important card data again.

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