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My Nokia C2-00 is not connecting with my PC.

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Actually my Nokia C2-00 is not connecting. It shows that it is connected to my mobile but not to my PC. I am also facing some more trouble with this phone: it is showing my pics two times and when I send a song using Bluetooth, after two days it stops working.

Please help!

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In order to connect your phone you'll need to use Nokia Ovi Suite as it installs all the necessary drivers that are required for the connection between your PC and phone.

Before doing this, you can reset your phone typing this code: *#7780#. This reset operation will completely wipe all the bugs and restore the phone to its original state.

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i have done it thank u i will try it and then ask again if any problem thank u !!
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what should i do still it doesn't work!!!!!!!!
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As suggested, please replace the cable and try to use a USB cable under 1 meter long.
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I had the same problem, might be cable fault. It least it was for me.

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But the cable does not explain the pictures!

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Try connecting your phone via bluetooth it might solve problems with cables.

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