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I have tried and tried to run FS2crew for PMDG747 but cannot get it started. Nothing happens when I hit the Main Selector panel to initiate the add-on.

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I do the FS2Crew start and get the message: "Good afternoon", then go to 747 and make sure I have it entered of FS2crew keyboard, then I start FSX. I have already disabled joystick Keys 3 and 4. I only have one 747 with GE engines but it is a cargo plane (by default). I set the the sound and fuel and load cold and dark settings but when I try to start the FS@Crew, the screen just blinks. I want to use this so much but I am totally frustrated now. Help!

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Try to update FS2Crew to the latest version as it mentions bug fixes related to your problem. You should check in the updates section of the website from where you have acquired the add-on. Make sure that all the items are installed properly because I have seen users on YouTube who were able to run this add-on flawlessly. The latest mentioned version is 1.2.

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