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Not all add-ons work the same

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Well, I already had bought another add-on (Flight-1 Level-D 767-300) a few years ago for my Windows 7 computer, which all worked well together. However, when I changed to my new Windows 8 computer, the add-on didn't install and the company says Windows 8 isn't supported. So before I spend more money I need to know if this product works. Obviously it was originally designed before Microsoft's latest OS came out, so I don't assume anything.

(Side note, in my effort to try to get the Level-D product to work, I uninstalled FSX, and now it won't re-install on the Windows 8 computer. Never a dull moment!)

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You will need to take in consideration the fact that the timeline between the last update you've downloaded and the release of Windows 8 is pretty big. The packages are constantly updated and FSX is compatible with Windows 8. The compatibility page from Microsoft states this. If you encounter any problem, just make sure that you also install the available service packs for this game. Also, before buying you can contact the developers of the package and request information regarding Windows 8 compatibility and issues.

There have been reports that running the game in Windows 7 compatibility greatly increases the performance.

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