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Can the Easy MP software be used to set up to project wirelessly through two different lans?

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I am planning to install two Epson 935W projectors with two wireless LAN dongles for projecting in a large hall. The plan is to use a splitter to project the same image through both projectors or to be able to use the projectors individually. We are also going to have two separate secured LAN's for two different organizations that will be using the hall.

So in the case of projecting individually, is it possible to use switch LANS with your software or once the dongle is set up on one LAN, is that the only LAN one can project through wirelessly?

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You can assign the projectors individually to one and each network and use an homegroup to restrict them for any network in particular. Also, you can broadcast both projects on 2 different wireless networks and configure them with different names and passwords to be used by offices. Also, to broadcast the same image on both projectors requires a video splitter instead of a network one. It's more convenient instead of configuring a network. This way you have the projectors in their own network.

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