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How to connect the scanner?

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I have a Canon MX 430 and want to use the scanner. Need instructions! Any help, please?

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If you bought the product, there must be a CD which contains all the required software and drivers to use the device's scanning feature. Please insert the CD and install the drivers and the software. Usually the setup program starts automatically. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions. When the computer asks to plug in the device, make sure you turn on the device. Once the process finishes, start Mp Navigator EX from your desktop, place the scanning piece on the scanner's glass and click on Scan & Import on Mp Navigator EX. You will see the options for scanning. At the moment you click the Scan process, the device will start to scan the object and then you will have different possibilities to save the output result.

In case you don't have a CD nearby, please use the official support website which contains the drivers and the software needed for your device. While browsing the site, ignore the fact that the printer displayed is from 432 series as it belongs to 430. Use the drop-down menus to select operating systems.

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