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Wondershare has stopped working, yet I cannot uninstall it

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Wondershare caused my Windows to stop working. I've tried to uninstall from list of programs, but I get message back saying it does not exist, yet I can see it listed. I keep getting a popup stating WondershareApplicationCenter has stopped working and I click to close the program, but it keeps popping up. Can you advise?

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Please go to Start > Run> type msconfig and launch the configuration window. Navigate to Startup and uncheck everything that is related to Wondershare.

Then open Run again, only now you need to type services.msc. Identify all Wondershare services on the list and stop and disable them permanently. Then you can use Your Uninstaller to properly uninstall the application. Your uninstaller! uses a different method of uninstalling when the program refuses to uninstall.

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I had a similar problem recently, but I had an issue since couldnt uninstall from the control panel.(Im using 64bit windows 8 btw)

I had to disable all wondershare items on startup(just like the first answer) although windows 8 allows you to do this through the task manager(Ctrl+Shift+Esc). I had two programs still running, Ive forgotten the first ones name, but the second one was DelaypluginI. You can either restart or try stopping all wondershare services (just like the first answer, although I prefer restarting, easier that way)

Then I had to eliminate all the program files manually. Since my pc is 64bit, the remaining files were under C:>Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Wondershare

After this I eliminated the files located in C: > ProgramData all the folders starting with wondershare. To access this folder you must make hidden items visible through Files Explorers settings.(in windows 8 its through View tab)

I also found a wondershare folder in the documents library.

Hope this helps.

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I keep running into "Program is Running in another application and can't be uninstalled.

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