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Is Midisoft still in business?

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I had Midisoft Play Piano and Midisoft on my Windows Me machine that died last month. Now I got a 64-bit Windows 7 machine. Obviously, neither the old software now works on my new computer (does not even have right connector to plug the MIDI keyboard).
Has anyone else tried to get these programs working on new computers? What do I need: a new program, USB to MIDI cable or 64-bit drivers?


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None of the products released are compatible with Windows 7 64-bit because these were made for Windows 95 and ME including some Linux versions too. You will not be able to install and use the products in this environment. Windows XP is also not supported. You will need to focus on another products from the same category. I recommend NativeInstruments because you will find all advanced tools to work with.

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Mine is windows xp 32-bit sp3. no problem playing at all.

the midisoft is a bit quirky but managed to get it run.
the midi must be setup to General MIDI for some midi files.
got all the sound and fun fare.

however i did disable the midi input.

need to add:
you dont need any usb-midi cable or anything else to even get started.
it comes with excellent MIDI files for you to toy with.

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