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What is "McciTrayService" (source: Motive Comm, Inc.) doing for laptop efficiency?

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At startup, it chews +/- 25 percent of processor. Exactly who benefits from its "service" and can I disable it?

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If you have software installed from Motive, then this file is needed for the application to run properly. In other case, it's a malware infection and you need to urgently perform cleaning operating using an anti-malware product. You can use Spybot Search'n'Destroy or Malwarebytes. These two applications can be used to remove persistent trojans or any other virus infection. One or two computer restarts might be necessary.

You can disable the service from Start > Control Panel > Administration tools > Services. Locate the service on the list, right click it and from the Startup method, select Disable and also click Stop.

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