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How to download large files using torrent?

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How to download large files using torrent?

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This is simple. Just download the file from the internet -".torrent" file and open it with BitTorrent and place the files at a place you want it to be saved. Put the file you want on a high priority and force download it. Make sure the .torrent file has enough seeders and correponding sufficient leechers to get the maximum download speed. Also, the max down speed depends on the ISP you have.

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use utorrent, generate torrent, then upload torrent to

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Before you can actually download large files, you file system needs to be more up-to-date than FAT32. NTFS/EXT3 is actually recommended. Once you meet these requirements, the file needs to be uploaded to a public tracker and the hoster needs to seed the file for as long as you download it.

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