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Can I convert MIDI music to MP3?

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Can I convert MIDI music to MP3 successfully, because I've purchased an application and it doesn't convert.

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MIDI music can be converted to MP3 and the result is acceptable. In the end you will have the same quality as a MIDI file but compatible with most audio players from different devices. You can use the Solmire online service to convert your file. Also, if you have any software that you use to convert these files, make sure that the input and output settings correspond to normal configuration. In other case, you will encounter errors.

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I read this question and answer with interest. For some time I've been looking for good quality conversion of MIDI files, and gave the Solmire online service a try. I must say the MP3 quality is as good as you can get considering the limitations of MIDI. Thank you Stephen, for your useful answer.
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kindly note that you can do this through the ITunes, please follow the below instructions

or you can download and install the below free application


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