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How can I chat with someone and use my webcam?

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The approach to this problem is various because you can either use an application which is entirely based only on video calling with minimum chat support or vice versa. In both cases the variety of the applications available for your request is different. I will show you what are the best clients to use.

  1. Skype: it is the best and most used app in video calling, plus you have chat support incorporated into the main window of the software.

  2. Yahoo Messenger: it's based on chat support but it features video and audio calling with great quality.

  3. Windows Live Messenger: it has all the features as the previous mentioned applications with additional customization options.

  4. Camfrog: it outputs and streams a great quality of the video to an user, and backwards.

So, you see the choice is entirely up to you.

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Hi, I'm still getting a pop up box satniyg that a website wants to store information on my computer allow or deny i have gone to Adobe flash player website privacy panel settings and found the webpage and allowed, but it still keep coming up every time i want to watch a video. I also have gone to system preferences but this time into storage and the only way i can watch the video is by clicking allow sites to save information on this computer is this right??? or is it dangerous to give that much access. Your help would be appreciated thanks

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