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Can I run Vertex BD 10.5 in Windows 7?

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I am trying to run Vertex BD 10.5, which runs fine on any computer with Windows XP. Vertex does NOT work on any computer running Windows 7. It requires a physical USB key to be plugged into the computer. On Windows 7, I get a specific error - the same error that appears on a Windows XP machine if I start Vertex with no key plugged in. Is it possible to run Vertex in Windows 7?

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Running the application without the USB key which acts like a protection solution is not possible. The only way to run the application is with the key inserted into a USB port.

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Vertex BD officially supports Windows 7 from v18, we are now on v19. If you are paying support and maintenance you can contact your local helpdesk and they can upgrade you

Matt Wood, Vertex BD helpdesk for uk office customers

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