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Which VPN service to use in UAE?

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In past I have used Vyprvpn and Express also recently I was on annual PureVPN which was quite fine. Now since UAE blocks all VPNs and thinks it is illegal. What should I do? Is there is some VPN which has a policy of no logs? I am quite sure with the fact that I have to use VPN in order to keep my logs, data passwords secure but which one is reliable in UAE? Can anyone help?

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I recommend using Premiumize. They have an OpenVPN client, unblocker, downloader, etc. I am using it, and everything works perfectly. Never had any issue with their service or the VPN service.

You can give it a try for a month or 7 days using the following link:

After the account is created, activate the trial with your phone number and then use the available options and guide to install and activate the VPN.

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I have also used Express and Vypr. Both are kind of the same. I recently found a better VPN though, it's called OneVPN. Bought it because of its super-low price but got hooked to it because of its strong connectivity and fast streaming speed. You should go for this VPN. Hope this helps.

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