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How to restart my ZTE Android mobile device?

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asked Apr 15, 2013
edited Apr 23, 2013 by Helen Smith

My ZTE Android Edition by SFR, StarAddict is unable to turn on. I tried to long press on Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time but it only ended me up at FTM. What next? Please help me reset or turn on my phone. The only external buttons on this phone are: Volume Up or Down, Power, Menu,Home and Back.

Thanks in advance.

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9 Answers

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answered Apr 16, 2013 by Alex Urbach (306,420 points)
edited Apr 23, 2013 by Helen Smith

Resetting is done by pressing Volume UP or Down + Power button + Menu button. In some cases it works only by pressing Menu + Power button, but this happens rarely. Keep the buttons pressed until the service menu appears.

commented Apr 16, 2013 by Brown (100 points)
Hi Alex, Thanks. But tried that and it only took me to the same FTM displayed on my screen. Is there anything i need to do again?
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answered Jul 23, 2013

Hello everyone .. I forgot my lock phone password and then my google email it doesn't sign in .. Only to restart my phone but the FTM is on my display,I don't know what to do ? Please can help me anyone ??

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answered Nov 28, 2013

I made a reset dalwik cache and phone restarted

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answered Apr 13, 2014

volume down + power release power after vibrate.

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answered May 15, 2014

Make sure the phone is OFF first. Then press volume UP and the power button until the android menu appears. Once it appears use the volume DOWN key to navigate the menu and the power button to select your choice.

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answered Jun 5, 2014

it only took me tothe FTM screen and i waited for almostan hour. what should i do?

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answered Jul 28, 2014

Try to hold volume key down and power button at the same time until it gets you to the reboot option, scroll up or down with volume keys and enter with the power button! Hope this works for you!

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answered Aug 31, 2014

1st-turn your phone completely off
2nd- hold VOLup and POWER button until you see a blue menu pop.
4th You are Welcome

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answered Dec 22, 2015 by curtis

power on , then release power key. then power button with volume down key quickly, hold till triangle and mini droid appear, release keys. touch the home bottom at bottom aka the house picture key. blue screen will appear. volume controls the up down selection. make selection. the lines picture key far left is next to be touched after selection. then choose yes or no / volume again controls up down. after selecting yes or know the lines picture key is last to reboot phone. oh then press the lines key once more. mine is a zte midnight samsung z768g. may work on others, take care

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