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How can I get Candy Crush for Nokia Lumia 800?

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How can I get Candy Crush for Nokia Lumia 800?

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The only way to get it on Lumia phones

  1. Take it into a mobile phone store.

  2. Speak nicely to a sales person, and they will sell you an android smartphone or tablet for lots of money.

  3. Use sticky tape or super glue to attach the android phone to the back of your nokia.

  4. Hey presto! Now you can use your Nokia and play Angry birds, Candy Crush and all the other games until now unavailable on Windows phones!

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You can't get Candy Crush for Nokia Lumia 800 because the game is released only for the Android and iOS operating systems.

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it's not available for windows 8 phones yet. like angry birds, it has to be rewritten entirely. i do wish it were, my lumia 920 would be perfect for play. but it's just going to take a while. i have tried bejeweled, but it's not near the same. candy crush was constructed with perfect execution. so good it piszes you off lol but very entertaining.

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