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How to get Candy Crush Saga on Samsung Galaxy Ace?

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How to get Candy Crush Saga on Samsung Galaxy Ace? Is it possible?

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Candy Crush Saga is not available for Samsung Galaxy Ace phones because of the processor version which is Arm V6. Candy Crush Saga requires a powerful processor which has a compatible graphical unit.

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how do i download the new software for my galaxy ace so i can get candy crush please.

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A proccessor is a piece of hardware not software you need to upgrade your mobile phone. I am dissapointed with this too as I have a Galaxy Ace and cannot play candy crush either.
The processor simply does not have the required amount of processing power needed to play the game. :(
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I want to play candy crush saga on my phone but my phone have andriod 2.3.6

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You can get candy crush game free download
on google play

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