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How does this work?

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I asked a question and you e-mailed me to say there is a reply, but when I tried to login you told me the e-mail address is not recognized.
I registered again, with the same address, but cannot see my previous question or any answers.
Is this site a scam?
And your Captcha security process does not accept correct responses either.

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The reason why this happens is when either due to some spamming reasons or due to unavaoidable circumstances you posted something out of the rules & thus your question was flagged out of the system. However regarding Captcha, I think you would need to check the Java platform & see if there are any errors showing on the left end corner of IE when you are trying to submit the captcha. There are at times, spaces which are not legibily visible, henec you need to double check all the typed stuffs properly.

Hope this assists.

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Still in case of any further difficulties do post back, else get into the feedback form to get to us.
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Answers Informer is a part of Informer Technologies, Inc. In no way this section or website is a scam. If you don't find your question or answers, then probably it was removed because it did not follow the guidelines. Please use the FAQ at the bottom of the page and consult the questions posted then you can ask a question. If you have problems related to the account please use the Send feedback link and explain the situation.

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