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Corrupted file with the .htm extension!

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Dear Sir, sorry but my previous problem was not solved. I think I did not present my problem well enough. The file am having problem with is a confirmation letter of American Vilsa Lottery (Divisity Visa). The file is normally saved when you submit your application. It contains vita information which the applicant will use to confirm the status of his/her entry. I have used this to confirm that I am a winner. Now I have the notification letter to go and confirm again my date of the interview. But, unfortunately, it has been deleted. I used software to recover it but the file is damaged. It opened but all I can see is unreadable codes. Can somebody help me to repair this file with HTM as extension? Is there any provision where I can attach it for an expert to look at it for me for possible repair? This is very urgent.


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Unfortunatelly, that is the most of what you can recover from the file because it seems that you have overwritten the clusters where the original file was stored with new content.

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