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I need an automatic way to uninstall Ultra 9.3 desktop. I was unable to do so with msiexec.exe /x command.

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I need an automatic way to uninstall Ultra 9.3 desktop. I was unable to do so with msiexec.exe /x command.

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You were applying the /X suffix to the wrong package. In order to perform the uninstall operation, please append /X to the main install package because you were trying to run the uninstaller for the MSIEXEC package instead of the real setup.

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Dolphin creators, I hope you read this, buasece wow. Listen, this new browser, the Mini, it's amazing. No, you're not paying attention. Thank. You. So. Much. Okay, there was another browser, called Miren. Was it better then Dolphin HD? Nope. But, it had this feature that I thought was the coolest in any web browser. The ability to let Flash continue playing in the background. Because of this, I used Dolphin HD to do everything besides play Flash, and I would constantly switch back and forth. It was a hassle but whatever. Okay anyway, so then I try Mini, and I thought to myself, Well they didn't put it on HD, so I doubt that feature of playing Flash in the background would be on this one, but it is, and you know what else you guys did that is totally amazing? Even the Miren browser would stop Flash content if you switched tabs. But you guys let it go the whole time, which, is, amazing. So thank you. You may think, Wow this guy is talking a lot for something like letting Flash run, but when I'm away from home, I try to make my phone as much like my personal computer as I can, and buasece of Mini, it's one step, a big step, forward. Now if only more apps would run in the background, : )So one last time. Thank you. I appreciate it.P.S. Any chance you're going to make your Dolphin HD Bookmark widget for the Mini? I totally dig that too. k for real I'm done bothering you guys. Go back to being totally awesome.

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