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I have installed a Java component called "jucheck" in my computer. This was unsolicited and I wish to remove it. Please provide me with a solution!

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I would like a solution which will help me remove "jucheck" as this has been installed in my computer without my consent.

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"jucheck" is nothing but a update checker for Sun Java Platform on which you run the many different applications. One more thing, it is not an unsolicitaed or non consentual installation. It comes with when you installed Java on your system.

Please check the details of what this does, for your benefit & understanding:

The jucheck.exe is the Java update verification process. This process will check on the internet for available updates for the Java software installed on your computer. If updates are available, it will notify you and/or manage the download and install of the updates. You should leave this process running in order to keep your Java up to date.

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Jucheck is a vital component for your computer and your Java Runtime installation. This module ensures that your Java is up-to-date and periodically checks the latest release against your installed version and provides information related to updates.

If you want to remove it (that's not recommended!), you can delete it from the following location:

c:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jucheck.exe

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