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Is "justcheck.exe" a file from Sun Microsystems?

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I am getting an update from Sun Microsystems for a Java update called jucheck.exe but Java was updated a few days ago, so I would like to know if this is a legitimate update.

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Jucheck.exe is the Java update verification process which notifies users about new updates available for the Java software. You may get multiple updates a day, this is normal.

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The file is used to access your network protocol in order to check for new updates. If you delete it, you will not be able to update Java Runtime anymore. It is advised to keep the files as it is from Sun Microsystems.

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No, Java installations don't contain any files named justcheck.exe. Quite possibly it's a malware masquerading as a Java Update service.

Run msconfig (Start menu -> Run -> type msconfig), switch over to the Autorun tab and uncheck the box next to justcheck.exe. Then reboot your computer and run TDSSKiller. And then a virus scan to be sure.

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Yes, this program is a Sun Java file, which rund in the beackground always & checks for newer updates for your java. However, this is not a malicious software. It also informes you of the latest updates as & when available, & can also update java, if kept on auto update mode.

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Apologies. I gave out a incorrect answer here. Jucheck is a Sun Version, howver JustCheck is a spyware, & even a robot malware which takes over your IP & hacks the nemesis on your system. Hope, I have been able to clarify my point out here.

Again, apologies for the mistake caused.

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