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How can I install .Net Framework in order to make Fiddler work properly?

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I need to know how to install the Microsoft .NET Framwork. I'll provide the link if you want, it's the official correct place but it gives error that I should connect to the database. I just want to support my Fiddler2. It asks .Net Framework to run Fiddler2.

See over here how the error it gives:

Reply Me.

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You can download .Net Framework 2 and Framework 4 by Microsoft. Once you completely install these packages, please restart your computer and try to run Fiddler2 again. Also, With Framework 4, you can install Fiddler4.

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i have to install both?
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You can install them both if you want, it's not necessary but if you want both versions of Fiddler, then yes, you need both versions installed.
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ok thanks. I'll try & tell ya :)

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