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Why won't my Proscan tablet download apps?

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Can't access gameplay apps until I access the white shopping bag. How can I get the app download to my tablet? It has Android capability.

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Some applications require an active Internet connection in order to activate so that the user can play them. In this case you can either purchase the program or simply use this method. Many applications are provided free with this condition. In most of the cases, these are ads that need to be visited.

asked Feb 21, 2014
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Registration code for Proscan.
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Proscan is not a tablet recognized by Google. Because of this, you won't be able to install anything from Google Play. Try 1mobile market or slideme. I've been successful in installing apps from both. Keep in mind that due to the tablet's restrictions, some apps aren't compatible, but most are. Good luck!

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^This is partially false (I think). I have a Proscan tablet (Android 4.1 OS is on it), Google Play was preinstalled and runs fine though the apps in said store are a bit iffy. Games like Hearthstone aren't supported but oddly it supports games like Angry Birds, a few Lego games I saw and Candy Crush saga. I've downloaded several wallpaper apps from Google Play and they work fine.
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This tablet sucks without google and slideme has nothing anyone want you cant even get angry

asked May 20, 2013
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I need an e-mail attachment downloader. Is there any?
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I just got a Proscan tablet given to me and am dealing with the same issues but all I want is a means to download movies and shows... It states utorrent isn't compatible.... Are there any other torrenting sites that will work?


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