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I can't install Adobe Flash Player.

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I can't install Adobe Flash Player.

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First you will need to make sure that the platform you are trying to install Adobe Flash Player is supported. Secondly, check for your antivirus solutions because sometimes installation is blocked and the installer is considered a threat. Please use the official download page to download ActiveX packages and offline installers if the online one is not working properly.

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Rather I would suggest, that since there are at times, if any other incompatible stuff installed, which the fuzzed up sites do not use, this causes the break in installation of Flash. I would also suggest you clear all the base files, IE. MF, GC, etc, so that the caches are deleted & also that the activex of your system is updated.

Otherwise, I would also suggest you download from the Adobe site & also while installing make sure that you are installing the compatible version, so that it works.

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