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IP address to MAC address conversion. Is it possible?

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IP address to MAC address conversion. Is it possible?

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There is no application or feature or something related that can convert an IP address to MAC. Computers assign IP addresses based on the MAC address through DHCP. This is completely random.

For example, DHCP will assign IP addresses and it will always give the save address based on a specific MAC because of the ARP cache. If the cache is cleared, the DHCP will assign another address.

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Yes ! it is possible. It is very complex to find it out by manually. Use the calculator to convert ip address to Mac. Internet networks requires two types of addresses:

  1. Mac
  2. IP

Mac is the physical address of the computer hardware . It can't be changed. It contains mixture of both alphabets and numbers. It is separated by hyphens.

Ip address is an unique address assigned to every device. It contains only the numbers. It is separated by periods.

To find both Mac and ip by using the following command :

  1. Start ->run -> cmd and press enter
  2. Command prompt dialog box will appear on the screen
  3. Type ipconfig/all and press enter
  4. It shows both Mac and ip address
  5. Mac address is labeled as Physical address example : 00-0c-xx-yy-zz-xx
  6. Ip address example : 192.xx.yy.zz

If you want to determine your external ip use

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