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MP4 and AVID Newscutter file importing problem

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When I take a MP4 file off my Filezille FTP site, I am having a hard time because the MP4 file is not working with my Avid Newscutter. Does anyone know what can I do to convert the file so that it can be imported in Avid?


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AVID Newscutter is an application with support for MP4 files. If you can't import them into the program, there is a problem with the software itself rather than with the file. As it's stated on the main website, the program has all the latest codecs incorporated for QuickTime access. I suggest you perform a repair operation for the software and then try to import the file again.

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News cutter supports mp4 format only when imported from a memory card "XDCAM" via link to AMA drive... try to copy your files on a XDCAM memory card or convert it to MXF format... it'll take time but that was the only selution i found to deal with this issue

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To import MP4 files into Avid, you need to convert MP4 to Avid friendly format first.Learn how to import MP4 to Avid.

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